Business Consulting

Our team has extensive knowledge in management at various levels: financial, operational, sales and business development. We are guided by our results and motivated by the satisfaction of our customers. Our competencies in project finance and corporate finance are helping our customers to improve and to expand their current activity.

We are specialized in obtaining all forms of credit facilities, including project finance, working capital facilities and leasing. We can provide independent advice on the full spectrum of issues related to finance and business:

  • business plans and market research;
  • banking applications for loans and leases;
  • valuation and financial modeling;
  • customers and suppliers portfolio analysis;
  • currency risk assessment for acquisitions and sales;
  • restructuring of companies for profitability and / or sale: budgeting, financial restructuring, inventory management, production and sales process efficiency

We apply our experience in order to provide the best pieces of advice to our clients, including analysis and negotiation of financing agreements, collateral and credit risks, sale-purchase contracts, technical contracts (know-how, equipment and collateral services). Our ability to structure will help you get the most effective financing cost for your needs and your business.

At Kasakrom we understand that every business is different. Our approach is to get full understanding of the customer goals and needs through workshops and discussions. Thus, we evaluate whether your business has the potential to meet the desired goals, and if the key challenges can be solved within the resource limitations of business.