Polypropylene random copolymer (PPR)

Polypropylene random copolymer (PPR)

Polypropylene is part of polyolefins, thermoplastic materials with a wide circulation among products that are made by injection. It is an easy to process material with an average impact resistance, high structural resistance and also a resistance to an impressive range of chemicals. PP is processed mainly by injection, but also by extrusion – thermo-forming. It takes the form of opaque cylindrical granules.

The types of polypropylene resulted can be:

  • homopolymers with no more than 5 % of other olefins;
  • co-polymers with a content of 2-50 % of other olefins;
  • modified co-polymers (grafted);
  • polypropylene compositions with a minimum content of 50% polypropylene in which other additives are included.
Application - products and profiles for thermoforming
Applications - landmarks injected with increased transparency
Application - blowing fittings and pipes of small dimensions

* Conformity certificates may contain, where available, the following documents: REACH, MSDS, FOOD CONTACT and PHARMACOPEIA.

Usages and applications