Sliding additives are added to reduce the surface friction coefficient of the polymers and are used to improve either processing or final applications. Typically sliding additives have a low compatibility with the polymer that allows migration to the film surface. A good control of compatibility controls the migration speed controls and thus the performance speed can be designed and estimated.


Anti-static additives are compounds used to treat materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate the buildup of static electricity. Static load can be generated by the triboelectric effect or by a contactless process using a high voltage power supply. Static load can be placed on a surface as part of a label printing process in a mold. The role of an anti-static agent is to make the surface or material itself slightly conductive, either by being itself conductive or by absorbing moisture from the air. Anti-static agent molecules often have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas, similar to those of a surface active agent? The hydrophobic part interacts with the surface of the material, while the hydrophilic part interacts with the humidity of the air and counteracts the water molecules.


In all types of film for flexible packaging and industrial applications, anti-blocking properties are very important for subsequent handling, converting and retail. Naturally plastic layers tend to stick together. Adding an anti-blocking agent creates space between the two layers of plastic (roughness) preventing so-called blocking. Most of the anti-blocking agents are used to produce a multilayer film structure, in order to have the greatest benefit.


UV stabilizers help alleviate the harmful effects of UV radiation on polymers used in production. They protect sensitive ingredients from the plastc packaging by reducing the impact of light, improving weather resistance, durability outdoors and protecting against premature color fading.


Masterbatch is a solid or liquid additive, for plastic, used to color plastics (color masterbatch) or to provide other properties for plastics (masterbatch additive). The pre-mix is a concentrated mixture of pigments and / or additives encapsulated during a heating process in a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a granular form. It allows the processor to color crude polymer during the manufacturing process of plastic materials.

* Conformity certificates may contain, where available, the following documents: REACH, MSDS, FOOD CONTACT and PHARMACOPEIA.