Recycled plastics are coming from post industrial and post consumer applications waste plastic and can be used in extrusion, injection molding or blow molding. They represent a competitive and sustainable alternative to virgin plastic materials. It also helps reduce the production costs compared to using virgin product in the process.

The main features of this processed waste, recycled materials and compounds are continuously monitored by the producers we work with in terms of flow index, impact resistance, density, modulus of elasticity, etc.

  • R-PE  Post consumer recycled polyethylene for general use;
  • R-PP  Polypropylene recycled post consumption or post industrial for injection;
  • R-PET  Post consumption polyethylene terephthalate for general use;
  • R-PS  Post consumption recycled polystyrene for general use.

    * Conformity certificates may contain, where available, the following documents: REACH, MSDS, FOOD CONTACT and PHARMACOPEIA.